Multi-Layer Deep Data Performance Monitoring And Optimization

A comprehensive solution for optimizing performance in development and production and using predictive maintenance in the field.


Combining functional and parametric monitoring of the real-world behavior of complex SoCs provides a powerful new approach that facilitates performance optimization during development and in the field, improves security and safety, and enables predictive maintenance to prevent field failures. proteanTecs’ Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) and Siemens’ Tessent Embedded Analytics are complementary technologies that enable just such an approach, informed by Deep Data.

Examples based on ADAS and autonomous driving systems demonstrate how the two systems interact to shine a light on even the most complex problems in electronics design, production, and deployment.

This white paper, in collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software, outlines two highly complimentary approaches that together form a comprehensive solution for performance optimization in development and production, and predictive maintenance in the field.

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