Neuromorphic Computing: Challenges, Opportunities Including Materials, Algorithms, Devices & Ethics


This new research paper titled “2022 roadmap on neuromorphic computing and engineering” is from numerous researchers at Technical University of Denmark, Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla, CSIC, University of Seville, and many others.

Partial Abstract:
“The aim of this roadmap is to present a snapshot of the present state of neuromorphic technology and provide an opinion on the challenges and opportunities that the future holds in the major areas of neuromorphic technology, namely materials, devices, neuromorphic circuits, neuromorphic algorithms, applications, and ethics. The roadmap is a collection of perspectives where leading researchers in the neuromorphic community provide their own view about the current state and the future challenges for each research area. We hope that this roadmap will be a useful resource by providing a concise yet comprehensive introduction to readers outside this field, for those who are just entering the field, as well as providing future perspectives for those who are well established in the neuromorphic computing community.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published May 2022.

Citation: Dennis V Christensen et al 2022 Neuromorph. Comput. Eng. 2 022501.

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