New Metrology and Inspection Technologies Needed for More-Than-Moore Markets

We need new ways to find defects in multi-technology devices.


The escalating costs of following Moore’s Law have shifted the semiconductor industry’s focus to More-than-Moore (MtM) technologies, where analog/mixed-signal, RF, MEMS, image sensing, power or other technologies may be integrated with CMOS in a variety of planar, 2.5D and 3D architectures.

The integration of these and other key technologies is enabling a host of fast-growing applications like artificial intelligence, IoT infrastructure products and automotive radar, to name just a few.

The fact that MtM markets have become significant sources of semiconductor demand is good news for semiconductor manufacturers. But it means that new metrology, inspection and defect review approaches are needed to accommodate the wide variety of possible failure modes that may impact these multi-technology devices.

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