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On-Chip Communications Survey Results

This report covers the results of an independent, blind worldwide survey covering on-chip communications networks (OCCN), defined as is the entire interconnect fabric for SoCs.


This comprehensive report takes a closer look at general technology trends and factors associated with OCCNs, such as core target speeds. It investigates the most popular OCCN topologies being considered for implementation in multi-core SoCs, including networks-on-chip (NoCs), crossbars, peripheral interconnect, and multi-layer bus matrices. It then dives deeper into NoCs, including analyzing adoption plans.

The topics covered in this report are:

  1. Survey methodology.
  2. Average time spent designing, modifying, verifying on-chip communications networks.
  3. Challenges when implementing on-chip communication networks.
  4. Target core speeds for 2013 design starts.
  5. Power domains partitioning expected for SoCs.
  6. On-chip network topologies being considered.
  7. Commercial NoCs implementation plans for 2013.
  8. Number of cores where commercial NoCs become an important consideration.
  9. T op criteria for selecting NoC.
  10. Primary reasons to utilize Virtual Channels.
  11. Summary.

To view the survey results, click here.

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