Overlay Control for Nanoimprint Lithography

Further improvement is progressing to satisfy the request of tighter overlay requirement of the future semiconductor device manufacturing. Reduction in intrafield higher-order error is needed.



Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a promising technique for fine-patterning with a lower cost than other lithography techniques such as EUV or immersion with multi-patterning. NIL has the potential of “single” patterning for both line patterns and hole patterns with a half-pitch of less than 20nm. NIL tools for semiconductor manufacturing employ die- by-die alignment system with moiré fringe detection which gives alignment measurement accuracy of below 1nm.

In this paper we describe the evaluation results of NIL the overlay performance using an up-to-date NIL tool for 300mm wafer. We show the progress of both “NIL-to-NIL” and “NIL-to-optical tool” distortion matching techniques. From these analyses based on actual NIL overlay data, we discuss the possibility of NIL overlay evolution to realize an on- product overlay accuracy to 3nm and beyond.

View this technical paper here. Published 06/2017.

Fukuhara, K., Suzuki, M., Mitsuyasu, M., Kono, T., Nakasugi, T., Lim, Y., & Jung, W. (2017, June 8). Overlay control for nanoimprint lithography – Canon Global.

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