Scalable Approach to Fabricate Memristor Arrays at Wafer-scale


New technical paper titled “Wafer-scale solution-processed 2D material analog resistive memory array for memory-based computing” from researchers at National University of Singapore and Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore.

“Realization of high-density and reliable resistive random access memories based on two-dimensional semiconductors is crucial toward their development in next-generation information storage and neuromorphic computing. Here, wafer-scale integration of solution-processed two-dimensional MoS2 memristor arrays are reported. The MoS2 memristors achieve excellent endurance, long memory retention, low device variations, and high analog on/off ratio with linear conductance update characteristics. The two-dimensional nanosheets appear to enable a unique way to modulate switching characteristics through the inter-flake sulfur vacancies diffusion, which can be controlled by the flake size distribution. Furthermore, the MNIST handwritten digits recognition shows that the MoS2 memristors can operate with a high accuracy of >98.02%, which demonstrates its feasibility for future analog memory applications. Finally, a monolithic three-dimensional memory cube has been demonstrated by stacking the two-dimensional MoS2 layers, paving the way for the implementation of two memristor into high-density neuromorphic computing system.”

Find the open access technical paper here.. Published June 2022.

Tang, B., Veluri, H., Li, Y. et al. Wafer-scale solution-processed 2D material analog resistive memory array for memory-based computing. Nat Commun 13, 3037 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-30519-w

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