SiPs And MCMs Broaden Opportunities For Military-Aerospace System Design

Getting high levels of functionality and ruggedness in a small form factor.


Military and aerospace (mil-aero) applications, from satellites and rockets to ships and planes, increasingly require electronic systems and subsystems with high functionality and performance in a small form factor. Meeting these demands poses higher-level challenges for packaging of these microelectronic devices, which needs to be rugged, long-lived, and affordable.

Usage of multi-chip modules (MCMs) is becoming more widespread. MCMs are electronic assemblies that integrate multiple chips, dies, or other electronic components together on one board. Essentially a larger packaged IC, this module allows for heightened component miniaturization and improved performance, both of which are vital in mil-aero environments.

To this end, the system-in-package (SiP) – which is in essence a vertical MCM – is also becoming a reliable alternative packaging solution for ICs and SoCs integrated into mil-aero devices. SiPs allow a high degree of flexibility in the package architecture, particularly for radio frequency (RF) applications, and they also help speed time to market for packaged solutions.

Chipmakers are developing SiPs for a range of mil-aero applications, from traditional to more advanced. Examples of the latter include embedded solutions for edge processing applications like radar, electronic warfare (EW), and 5G communications.

Both SiP and MCM solutions offer a variety of advantages for these applications, including lower power consumption, higher reliability, and simplified design for ease of integration, as well as a smaller footprint, so the packaged system or subsystem takes up less space within the end product while increasing functionality.

Taken together, all of these benefits add up to lower production costs for your end products. As an electronics manufacturer, you need to invest in technologies that enable production of SiP/MCM solutions – this includes reliable, robust packaging and assembly technologies and equipment.

Moreover, as manufacturing is increasingly becoming concentrated in the U.S., the ability to control the supply flow in the face of continued supply chain issues is increasing. This is vital since shutdowns in other parts of the world can delay shipments weeks or even months, creating a significant challenge for getting parts and materials where they need to be. For the mil-aero market, this challenge is heightened due to security issues and regulations.

As a leading stateside provider of packaging and assembly solutions for the mil-aero market, QP Technologies develops and delivers quick-turn prototypes and production quantities to meet the stringent quality and testing standards of the mil-aero market.

MCM/SiP capabilities

Our range of offerings for MCM and SiP applications includes:

  • Multiple interconnect types, including flip chip and wire bonding. Our manufacturing line includes wire and wedge bonders that can handle aluminum (Al), gold (Au), copper (Cu), and AlCu, as well as heavy wire in a range of wire diameters: 127µm (5 mil), 254µm (10 mil), 381µm (15 mil), and 508µm (20 mil).
  • Several options for materials. Utilizing our advanced substrate design and fabrication service we can accommodate all types of substrates (FR-4, BT, Rogers, ABF and tight geometries) to provide engineering design flexibility. We can also create interposer designs for flip-chip and large-cavity packaging, as well as adapt existing packages to redistribute flip-chip connections (RDL) to wire bonds or shorten bond wire lengths.
  • Proven expertise in processing, handling, and packaging compound semiconductors, particularly silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power devices which offer benefits for mil-aero applications such as better switching speed, higher power density, and improved energy efficiency.
  • Turnkey procurement of components or consign kits. You can tap us for as much or as little assistance as you need to ensure you can build your products quickly and efficiently.

QP Technologies has a well-established presence as a leading U.S.-based provider of microelectronic packaging and assembly technologies, making us well positioned to take advantage of the onshoring movement. Between our 300mm wafer processing capabilities and our range of package/assembly offerings, including our MCM and SiP technologies, we look forward to helping you meet your mil-aero project requirements at our ISO-certified and ITAR-registered facility. To get started, contact us today.

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