Startup Funding: August 2022 Sortable Funding Chart


Below is a sortable chart that accompanies your e-book purchase of Semiconductor Engineering’s August 2022. Startup Funding report.  Simply click on the top headers to determine your primary sort.

Company Sector Amount Raised (M, USD) Funding Type Headquarters
AccuSilicon AMS Undisclosed Series B China
Aerosemi Technology Power Semi Undisclosed Venture China
Anaflash AI HW Undisclosed Seed USA
Anaphite Batteries $4.9 Seed UK
Aolinke Electronics Wireless $1.5 Angel China
Atech Automotive Electronics Auto Components Undisclosed Venture China
Avant Semiconductor Metrology $1.5+ Pre-A China
AvicenaTech Photonics $25.0 Series A USA
Black Sesame Technologies ADAS & Autonomy Undisclosed Series C+ China
BOS Semiconductors Auto Components Undisclosed Strategic South Korea
C3Nano Displays $35.0 Equity, Debt USA
CamGraPhIC Photonics $1.5 Equity UK
Chiplego Technology Auto Components $44.1 Angel, Strategic China
Chipsine Power Semi $1.5+ Angel China
CIMS Inspection $36.6 Venture China
Circue Energy Batteries $1.5+ Series A China
Corage ADAS & Autonomy $1.5+ Angel China
Corintis Data Center $0.2 Venture Switzerland
Crystro Crystal Materials Materials $14.7 Series A China
CYT Semiconductor Power Semi $14.7+ Series A China
DataProphet Manufacturing $10.0 Series A South Africa
DeepWay ADAS & Autonomy $67.2 Series A China
Deruicore Technology Sensors $14.7 Series A+ China
Dihuge Automation Inspection $1.5+ Series B1 China
Eaglechip FPGA $41.5 Angel China
EeroQ Quantum $7.3 Seed USA
Einno Semiconductor Power Semi Undisclosed Venture China
Elestor Batteries $30.5 Venture Netherlands
EneRol Nanotechnologies Batteries $1.5+ Series A China
Enflame Technology AI HW Undisclosed Series C+ China
Exponent Energy Batteries $13.0 Series A India
Finern Equipment Undisclosed Series A+ China
Finsiot Sensors $1.5+ Series A China
FourSemi AMS Undisclosed Series C+ China
Fuyang Sineva Materials $74.2 Series C China
GiantOhm Auto Components Undisclosed Pre-A China
Global Crown Technology Auto Components $1.5+ Strategic China
GoFurther.AI ADAS & Autonomy Undisclosed Series A+ China
GravityXR AR/VR $14.7+ Angel, Seed China
Guorun Energy Storage Batteries $7.3 Angel China
Hexin Electronic Technology Power Semi Undisclosed Angel China
Huatech Semiconductor Power Semi $14.7 Series A+ China
Hygood New Technology Materials $43.8 Venture China
IC Bench Design Services Undisclosed Pre-A China
ICM Semi Power Semi $29.4 Series B China
Infinitesima Metrology Undisclosed Venture UK
InPlay Technologies Wireless Undisclosed Series B China
IPSoar Microelectronics Memory $1.5+ Series A+ China
Jade Bird Display Displays $14.7+ Series A3 China
Janaenergy Technology Batteries $1.5+ Angel China
Jayson New Energy Materials Batteries $147.3 Series B+ China
Jinsheng New Energy Batteries $14.7+ Venture China
KiwiMoore Chiplet $14.7 Angel, Seed China
Kubos Semiconductors Displays $0.6 Venture UK
KunGao Micro Networking $29.4 Series A China
Leto Technology MCU $1.5+ Pre-A China
Li Industries Batteries $7.0 Series A USA
Listenai AI HW $14.7+ Pre-A China
LNGIN Technology Auto Components $14.7 Series B China
Luminovo Manufacturing $11.2 Seed Germany
Lumotive Sensors Undisclosed Strategic USA
Lytica Manufacturing $10.0 Series A Canada
Maizhiwei Semiconductor Power Semi Undisclosed Venture China
MakeSens AI HW $14.7 Pre-A China
Maxieye ADAS & Autonomy Undisclosed Series C1 China
MaxSense Technology ADAS & Autonomy $1.5+ Series A China
MiraMEMS Sensing Technology Sensors $14.7+ Series D China
MiSic Microelectronics Wireless $14.7 Venture China
Nano-Core Chip AI HW $29.4 Series A, A+ China
Nexeon Batteries $90.0 Series D UK
Ningbo Qixin Semiconductor Technology Manufacturing Undisclosed Angel China
Novus Semiconductors Power Semi Undisclosed Pre-A China
Nreal AR/VR $15.0 Strategic China
Nuclei Technology CPU $14.7+ Venture China
Oorja Batteries Undisclosed Seed India
OptiArk Semiconductor AR/VR Undisclosed Venture China
Passionchip Auto Components $1.5+ Angel China
PhiGent Robotics ADAS & Autonomy $14.7 Series A China
Pimchip AI HW $10.0+ Series A China
PIP Semiconductor Power Semi $1.5+ Venture China
Pliops Data Center $100.0 Series D Israel
Qianhong Microelectronics AMS $1.5 Angel China
QLM Technology Sensors $14.5 Series A UK
QXP Technologies Photonics $51.5 Pre-IPO China
Rayson Technology Memory $14.7+ Series B China
RevoAI ADAS & Autonomy Undisclosed Pre-Seed Germany
Rivergate Electronics Materials Undisclosed Venture China
Ruicycle Batteries $44.4 Series B China
Sandtek Corporation Test $14.7 Venture China
Sensible 4 ADAS & Autonomy Undisclosed Series A Finland
Sharetek Equipment Undisclosed Venture China
Silicon Integration Auto Components $1.5+ Angel China
Siliconwaves Technology Wireless $22.1 Series A China
Sinh Microelectronics MCU $14.7 Series B China
Sitan Technology Displays Undisclosed Venture China
Smart Core Light Photonics $1.5+ Angel China
Somalytics Sensors $1.9 Seed USA
StradVision ADAS & Autonomy $88.0 Series C South Korea
Stream Computing AI HW Undisclosed Series B+ China
Tongyu Automotive Auto Components $29.4 Series A+ China
Trex Technologies Power Semi Undisclosed Strategic China
Unim Innovation Technology Memory $14.7 Pre-A China
United Memory Technology Memory $14.7+ Series A China
Ventana Micro Systems CPU $55.0 Venture USA
Vertilite Sensors Undisclosed Strategic China
Viiyong Electronic Technology Power Semi $295.0 Series B, B+ China
Wenmi Xinguang Technology Auto Components Undisclosed Angel China
Yinguan Semiconductor Equipment $29.4 Venture China
Zenfocus Semiconductor Technology Test $14.7+ Series B+ China
Zitara Batteries $12.0 Series A USA

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