Thermal Warpage Simulation Of A Temperature-Dependent Linear Elastic Material Package

The shift to advanced packaging in 3D and 2.5D IC design is making the numerical analysis of thermal warpage in electronic devices a crucial part of the design process. A reliable numerical tool enables the designer to perform early design analysis that accurately predicts warpage, thereby shortening the design process. The Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver integrated within the Cadence IC, pac... » read more

On-Chip Power Distribution Modeling Becomes Essential Below 7nm

Modeling power distribution in SoCs is becoming increasingly important at each new node and in 3D-ICs, where tolerances involving power are much tighter and any mistake can cause functional failures. At mature nodes, where there is more metal, power problems continue to be rare. But at advanced nodes, where chips are running at higher frequencies and still consuming the same or greater power... » read more

3D-IC Design Challenges And Requirements

As demands accelerate for increasing density, higher bandwidths, and lower power, many IC design and packaging teams are taking a close look at vertical stacking multiple chips and chiplets. This technology, called 3D-IC, promises many advantages over traditional single-die planar designs. Some are using the term “More-than-Moore” to describe the potential of this new technology. Integratio... » read more

Architecting Interposers

An interposer performs a similar function as a printed circuit board (PCB), but when the interposer is moved inside a package the impact is significant. Neither legacy PCB nor IC design tools can fully perform the necessary design and analysis tasks. But perhaps even more important, adding an interposer to a design may require organizational changes. Today, leading-edge companies have shown ... » read more

Thermal And Stress Analysis Of 3D-ICs With Celsius Thermal Solver

As electronics get smaller and faster, the environment for thermal issues is becoming more and more challenging. These problems are widespread and can appear in the chip, the board, the package, and the entire system. This white paper helps designers understand the cross-fabric thermal and stress challenges introduced by 3D-ICs and how the Cadence Celsius  Thermal Solver helps designers analyz... » read more

The Sky Isn’t Falling

By Ann Steffora Mutschler 3D ICs add a new dimension to design with new degrees of freedom possible, even with the added design and manufacturing complexities. Looking at the semiconductor ecosystem today and anticipating what will be needed to enable 3D ICs, it is certain that relationships will need to change. What will be required of the players and who will take responsibility for wh... » read more