Impact Of 3DHI On Aerospace And Government Applications

By Ian Land, Kenneth Larsen, and Rob Aitken With challenging size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements, chip designs for aerospace, defense, and government applications are a unique breed. No surprise here, considering systems like satellites and submarines must operate reliably in the distinctly harsh environments of outer space and ocean depths, respectively. Given the SWaP criteria a... » read more

Durability And Cost Benefits Drive Mil-Aero Demand For OCPP

Ceramic packages were, for many years, the option of choice for semiconductor prototype assembly, particularly in military-aerospace applications. They are able to withstand high temperatures and can be hermetically sealed. However, they can be costly and, while they allow for rapid assembly of first samples, the final product is typically a plastic package, so the ceramic prototype doesn’t o... » read more

Verification Management For Aerospace And Defense

This executive brief presents the verification management digital thread. It demonstrates the value of integrated verification and certification for accelerating product delivery in the aerospace and defense industry. Read the brief to learn how you can certify products on schedule and within budget, eliminating the silos in your verification and certification activities. Aircraft certificat... » read more

System Innovation For Aerospace, Defense And Government

Tools for developer and user challenges Performance in a small package — low size, weight and power (SWaP) Long-life and upgradability with high-reliability, security, and safety Reliability in a range of operating environments, from ground to space End-to-end support: from the IoT network edge to the datacenter Process massively parallel sensor data with low latency S... » read more

Radiation Hardening Chips For Outer Space

What’s the difference between radiation tolerant and radiation hardening, and where is each one used? Minal Sawant, director of the aerospace and defense vertical market at Xilinx, talks about different striations in the Earth’s atmosphere, how those various levels can affect radiation, and what impact that has on the functionality of increasingly dense chip circuits over extended periods o... » read more

Digital Transformation In Aerospace And Defense Applications

Watching the aerospace and defense verticals, one of the most impactful publications in 2020 was probably Will Roper's "There Is No Spoon: The New Digital Acquisition Reality." Using visuals from "The Matrix", which at the time was called "the first movie of the 21st century," the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics painted a picture of a "simulation ... » read more