Shattered Silos: 2024’s Top Technology Trends

Technological innovation is increasingly focused on solving pressing, global challenges like climate change, disaster response, and accessible, preventative healthcare. Time is of the essence in finding solutions to these issues. On the global stage, the deadline for the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a framework of strategies to tackle climate change, improve heal... » read more

Design Challenges Of High-Speed Wireline Transmitters

By Samad Parekh and Noman Hai The need for higher bandwidth networking equipment as well as connectivity in the cloud and hyperscale data centers is driving the switch technology transition from 25T (terabytes) to 50T and soon to 100T. The industry has chosen Ethernet to drive the switch market, using 112G SerDes technology today and next generation architectures being designed to operate at... » read more

The Industrial Revolution Is Over

One of the greatest impacts of the industrial revolution was that better communication allowed for greater specialization, and with that came better economics. There have been multiple waves of the industrial revolution, each triggered by some improvement in communications. The first wave was all about trains — raw materials and finished goods could be quickly and cheaply moved between cit... » read more

High-Performance SerDes Enable The 5G Wireless Edge

Investment at the core of the global internet is red hot. The number of hyperscale data centers jumped to 700 worldwide at the end of 2021, and with more than 300 in the pipeline, should rise to over 1000 by 20241. In the span of five years, total hyperscale data centers will have doubled. And as the raw number shoots up, more powerful compute and networking hardware is rapidly being deployed, ... » read more

What Will Be The Killer App For 5G? Time To Place Your Bets

5G is here. But where will its capabilities soar first? Here are my guesses for where the breakthroughs could occur along with factors that might hold it back. 1. Supply Chain. The world’s 5,300+ plus cargo ships carry 90% of the world’s freight and can collectively hold 1.97 billion deadweight tons of cargo. 5G—delivered through private networks or secure slices of public networks—c... » read more

Accelerating 5G Baseband With Adaptive SoCs: Part II

In my previous blog, we discussed 5G split architectures with focus on the widely adopted option 7-2 split. In this article, we will cover the implementation of the fronthaul and L1 Hi-PHY for 5G base stations. The 5G distributed unit (DU) can be implemented to process fronthaul data with O-RAN processing and partial offload for Hi-PHY processing which includes the LDPC encoder, LDPC decoder an... » read more

Massive IoT Interop Fuels Protocol Battle

Wireless standards are plentiful, but most are not capable of being scaled to the level of a smart city. As a result, such networks have been built application-by-application using proprietary stacks, often with non-interoperable network layers. That, in turn, has slowed the proliferation of dense wireless connectivity at scale. “In a hyper-connected world, connectivity choices are driv... » read more

Getting Ready For An Efficient Shift To PCI Express 6.0 Designs With Optimized IP

PCI Express (PCIe) 6.0 technology with key changes will bring about challenges that high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and storage system-on-chip (SoC) designers will face. This article provides designers a summary of the major changes and how they can be handled to ensure a smooth and successful transition to PCIe 6.0. The three major changes in PCIe 6.0 that designers nee... » read more

The Quest To Make 5G Systems Reliable

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss 5G reliability with Anthony Lord, director of RF product marketing at FormFactor; Noam Brousard, system vice president at proteanTecs; Andre van de Geijn, business development manager at yieldHUB; and David Hall, head of semiconductor marketing at National Instruments. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: How do we measure the reli... » read more

Efficient Sensitivity-Aware Assessment Of High-Speed Links Using PCE And Implications For COM

This technical white paper, originally presented at DesignCon, investigates the challenges of increased data rates and reduced margins in high-speed link design. Section 1: Introduction Section 2: State of the Art Link Evaluation and Assessment of Parameter Variability Section 3: Proposed Modeling Framework Section 4: Sensitivity Analysis of a High-Speed Interconnect Section 5: Conclusio... » read more

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