Accelerate The Algorithm To Silicon Development With Stratus HLS

Growth in demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and digital signal processing (DSP) applications, coupled with advances in semiconductor process technology, drives increasingly denser SoCs. These complex SoCs further challenge the design team’s ability to meet performance, power, and area (PPA) goals within tight time-to-market windows. We need automated and targeted solutions that efficien... » read more

Tensilica DSP Code Generation Toolbox With MATLAB/Simulink

MATLAB and Simulink are widely used for modeling and simulating real-time dynamical systems. To verify the performance of MATLAB/Simulink models of these systems in a real-time application, MATLAB/Simulink models are converted to embedded C code and executed on a target processor or its equivalent Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). To deploy the generated C code in a processor, the genera... » read more

Heterogeneous Redundant Circuit Design Approaches for FPGAs

New research paper titled "Evaluation of Directive-based Heterogeneous Redundant Design Approaches for Functional Safety Systems on FPGAs" from researchers at Nagasaki University. Abstract (Partial) "In this paper, we present and evaluates two heterogeneous redundant circuit design approaches for FPGAs: a resource-level approach and strategy-level approach. The resource-level approach foc... » read more

Designing Application-Specific Processors for Wireless 5G SoCs

Traditional architectures for wireless baseband applications are no longer adequate for recent and next-generation modem standards. Supporting complex and still evolving standards like 5G in a single modem is only possible by using SDR techniques, which place increasing demands on performance and power consumption on the SoC. ASIP architectures enable full customization of a processor, which... » read more

Meeting Processor Performance And Safety Requirements For New ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Systems

By Fergus Casey and Srini Krishnaswami Innovation in today’s automotive industry is accelerating as companies race to be the market leader in safety and autonomous vehicles. With vehicle control moving from humans to the vehicles’ active safety systems, more sensors – cameras, radar, lidar, etc. – are being added to automotive systems. More sensors require more computational performa... » read more

A DSP For Implementing High-Performance Sensor Fusion On An Embedded Budget

By Markus Willems and Pieter van der Wolf Sensor fusion refers to the combining of data from multiple sensors to obtain more complete and accurate results. By using the information provided by multiple sensing devices, it is possible to achieve better context awareness. Smart mobile devices, autonomous driving, smart home appliances, industrial control, and robotics are just a few of the app... » read more

What Is An xPU?

Almost every day there is an announcement about a new processor architecture, and it is given a three-letter acronym — TPU, IPU, NPU. But what really distinguishes them? Are there really that many unique processor architectures, or is something else happening? In 2018, John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson delivered the Turing lecture entitled, "A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture... » read more

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

OEMs For some time, the automotive industry has suffered due to chip shortages in the market. And the chip shortages are spreading into other markets. In the latest news, GM plans to idle key truck plants amid chip shortages, according to a report from Bloomberg. “GM said eight of its 14 North American assembly plants will experience shutdowns this month because of chip shortages, includi... » read more

Developing A Real-Time SDR System

As telecommunication technologies evolve there is an on-going drive for the development of high-performance systems for radio communications. Part of that evolution involves implementing components in software functions that had traditionally been implemented in hardware. Software-defined radio (SDR) is a prime example. Significant amounts of signal processing have been handed over to the ge... » read more

Modernizing Audio Codec Industry Standards For Enhanced Power Savings And Performance

Mobile phones have become a necessity, and we all use them to talk, play, communicate, and manage many aspects of our lives. While you may have an iPhone, your friends might have an Android phone  from one of several vendors. They all look and feel different, yet you can seamlessly talk with your friends. How is that possible? While they are different in some ways, they are similar in many oth... » read more

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