Fused: Closed-Loop Performance And Energy Simulation Of Embedded Systems

Energy-driven computing is an emerging paradigm that aims to fuel the proliferation of tiny and low-cost IoT sensing and monitoring devices. Energy-driven computers are generally powered by energy harvesting sources, and adapt their operation at runtime according to energy availability; thus, they must be designed and tested according to the expected dynamics of their power source. However, tod... » read more

System Design Considerations For Embedded Heterogeneous Multiprocessing (HMP)

Heterogeneous multiprocessor (HMP) systems, using functionally asymmetric compute elements, such as application processors and microcontrollers integrated within the same SoCs, are now used extensively across a wide range of applications. These SoCs are used in smart, connected devices to transform the way we live – at home, in the car, and in our cities – with even more intelligence, speed... » read more

#54DAC: A New Beginning

I’ve been attending DAC as an exhibitor since 1992, and serving on the executive committee since 2012. I am thrilled to serve as General Chair for the 54th iteration of this grand conference. (And no it’s not too early to think about DAC. The call for contributions is open now.) Through the years I have seen some big industry changes, most driven by the increasingly powerful tools and autom... » read more

Developing Effective Design Strategies For Today’s Wearable Devices

While many new fitness bands, smartwatches, and other wearable devices have entered the market, most have under-whelmed prospects and users. It is quite clear the wearable industry is in its infancy and fraught with growing pains. Software developers, embedded systems architects and engineers must take heed in the early miscalculations of these devices (whether it’s functionality, utility, pr... » read more

Think IoT Designs Are Challenging? Try Embedded Systems In The Brain

There’s low power and then there’s low power. There are amazing applications and then there are amazing applications. Today the bleeding edge of low power design is not so much in IoT (although excellent work is being done in that space) but in medical, where the stakes are high and possible outcomes life-altering. Chet Moritz, associate professor with the University of Washington’s... » read more

Week 48: One Week Left For Early Registration

I have to admit, writing the weekly blog has made the countdown to DAC a lot more apparent than it would have been otherwise. When I began blogging last year, I thought the watched-pot-never-boils maxim might apply, that time would drag and I’d run out of things to say months before the opening keynote. Instead, I’m fairly stunned to have just four more blogs to write until “my DAC year... » read more

Internet Of Things Design Considerations For Embedded Connected Devices

Embedded connectivity has been around since the early days of M2M. But what is new are the many complexities and emerging standards embedded system developers need to know if they are to design the latest IoT device. This paper delves into many of the key considerations developers need to know and discusses the critical areas of IoT security and connectivity along with the importance of a prove... » read more

Efficient Software Development

In the past few years, the cost of developing software for embedded systems has exploded. Previously, hardware was the biggest chunk of that cost. These days software stresses the engineering budget. Why is that? For the past 20 years or so, of the many thoroughly standardized hardware interfaces, some have been integrated into the silicon of the micro controller thereby reducing the bill of... » read more

Week 19: Ready. Steady. Go!

The window for submitting to the IP and designer tracks opens on Oct. 23. It’s time to get ready and check with your management if you can present your work at DAC. You can find the submission details and a link to last year’s content here. You can even browse presentation examples from past designer tracks. If you are an EDA vendor, the designer track is a good opportunity for your use... » read more

Embedded At DAC

It seems to be one of DAC’s best kept secrets – right up there with what happened to Free Monday – that about 30% of the conference content is focused on embedded systems and software (ESS). The call for contributions is still open and I want to remind you that you can submit your research work in ESS to DAC. When Leon Stok of IBM was General Chair for the 48th DAC he started our embedded... » read more

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