CHIPS Act: U.S. Releases New Implementation Strategy

Biden’s administration publishes strategy for implementing the CHIPS Act.


The U.S. Department of Commerce today published “A Strategy For The CHIPS For America Fund,” outlining its implementation approach to distributing $50 billion from the CHIPS Act of 2022.

Find the full strategy paper here, and the executive summary here.

Program Goals
The program’s four primary goals are:

  • Establish and expand domestic production of leading edge semiconductors in the U.S.
  • Build a sufficient and stable supply of mature-node semiconductors.
  • Invest in R&D to ensure the next generation semiconductor technology is developed and produced in the U.S.
  • Create tens of thousands of good-paying manufacturing jobs, and more than 100,000 construction jobs.

Program Initiatives
The three primary initiatives are:

  • Large scale investments in leading-edge manufacturing.
  • New manufacturing capacity for mature and current-generation chips, new and specialty technologies, as well as for semiconductor industry suppliers.
  • Initiatives to strengthen U.S. leadership in R&D.

Applications for Funding
The paper includes recommendations for potential applicant along with identifying criteria against which applicants will be considered. Specific funding application guidance will not be released until February 2023.

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