Using The Schottky Barrier Transistor in Various Applications & Material Systems


A new technical review paper titled “The Schottky barrier transistor in emerging electronic devices” was published by researchers at THM University of Applied Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology, CNRS, University Grenoble Alpes and others.

“This paper explores how the Schottky barrier (SB) transistor is used in a variety of applications and material systems. A discussion of SB formation, current transport processes, and an overview of modeling are first considered. Three discussions follow, which detail the role of SB transistors in high performance, ubiquitous and cryogenic electronics. For high performance computing, the SB typically needs to be minimized to achieve optimal performance and we explore the methods adopted in carbon nanotube technology and two-dimensional electronics. On the contrary for ubiquitous electronics, the SB can be used advantageously in source-gated transistors and reconfigurable FETs for sensors, neuromorphic hardware and security applications. Similarly, judicious use of a SB can be an asset for applications involving Josephson junction FETs.”

Find the technical review paper here. Published April 2023.

Schwarz, Mike, Tom D. Vethaak, Vincent Derycke, Anaïs Francheteau, Benjamin Iniguez, Satender Kataria, Alexander Kloes et al. “The Schottky barrier transistor in emerging electronic devices.” Nanotechnology (2023).

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