The Week In Review: System-Level Design

Synopsys wins German verification deal; Si2 adds OA scripting interface; Intel opens retail stores in three cities.


Synopsys won a deal with Germany’s Hyperstone, which will use Synopsys verification tools for SoCs in industrial, automotive and medical applications. As SoCs used in industrial and “safety-critical” markets grow in complexity and move to more advanced process nodes, more advanced tools also are necessary.

Si2 uncorked a new release of its OpenAccess scripting interface—oaScript Extension Language Bindings package, version 2—which provides direct access to the OpenAccess programming interface through Python, Tcl and Ruby. The release is based on contributions from Altera, AMD, Intel, Oracle, Synopsys and others.

Intel is opening pop-up retail stores to showcase devices that use its chips for the first time in its history. The chipmaker, which has had trouble penetrating the handheld and ultra-mobile markets, has opened ump stores in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York neighborhoods to show off 2-in-1 devices, tablets, laptops and portable all-in-one PCs.

On a somewhat related note, IDC expects worldwide smartphone shipments to grow nearly 40% this year, but average selling process will decline more than 12%. Behind the push is mobile computing with the phone, which is expected to drive growth on an average of 18% through 2017.

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