What’s in a Name?

Test Vision 2020 may need a new moniker.


Test Vision 2020 is a specialty workshop held each year during Semicon West. Formerly known as ATE Vision 2020, the program focuses on automatic test equipment and related topics. This year’s edition heard a lot about artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, and machine learning, which have been the leading topics at every tech conference I’ve attended in 2018.

The workshop’s title has a double meaning – the year 2020, which is coming up fast, and 20/20 visual acuity, the epitome of sharp eyesight.

Paul Berndt of Microsoft moderated an interactive session with the Test Vision 2020 (sometimes also spelled TestVision 2020) attendees, posing questions and having the participants vote for responses through a website.

One question he asked was about the name of the workshop. With the year 2020 in the near future, should the workshop’s name change? If so, what would you suggest? There were about 25 people in the room at the time, and there were around 25 responses, which were projected on the big screen. Some were serious and some were silly. One wag suggested “Testapalooza.” It must have been that aging tech journalist with a Dell laptop near the front of the room – okay, it was me.

No decision was made, nor any vote taken. This could be left up to the steering committee and the event’s sponsors. If you want to make a suggestion, you should provide it to the steering committee, or even better, join the committee as a volunteer.

This year’s partner sponsors were Advantest, Astronics Test Systems, Cohu, Teradyne, and Xcerra. Several other companies served as sponsors, including inTEST, FormFactor, Reid-Ashman Manufacturing, and Roos Instruments. The Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop and TestConX, two test-related annual events, also sponsored the workshop.

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