Executive Committee Members You Need To Know…

Time is the only critic without ambition. – John Steinbeck Like many things, DAC looks decidedly different depending on where you sit, and how you experience it. As an attendee, it’s mostly a few days at the start of every summer where you can sample some of the best technical content on the design of circuits and systems, plus get the chance to network and have some fun with a worldwide... » read more

#54DAC: A New Beginning

I’ve been attending DAC as an exhibitor since 1992, and serving on the executive committee since 2012. I am thrilled to serve as General Chair for the 54th iteration of this grand conference. (And no it’s not too early to think about DAC. The call for contributions is open now.) Through the years I have seen some big industry changes, most driven by the increasingly powerful tools and autom... » read more

How Long Until You Can Take A Self-Driving Car To DAC?

There is no hotter topic in tech than self-driving cars. How else to explain the worldwide headlines after what can only be described as a modest little fender-bender last month in Mountain View. The culprit was one of Alphabet Inc.’s autonomous Lexus 450h's, by now a media darling/goat. Despite the apparent and very prosaic facts — the Lexus was traveling 2 miles per hour, nobody was hurt,... » read more

China’s Impact On The Semiconductor Market

China’s impact on the semiconductor market is unmistakable. The question so many industry watchers wonder: Is it the new center of the semiconductor universe? Some statistics may help determine the answer. China topped the list of five worldwide exporters in 2014, with the European Union coming in second. The U.S. finished third, followed by Germany and, in fifth place, Japan. (See Fig. 1... » read more

Announcing DAC’s First Art Show

Every year DAC features something new. For the general chair, balancing tried and true conference elements with infusions of change is part of the art of putting on DAC and keeping it fresh. This year one change has to do with art itself — #53DAC features what I believe to be the first art show in the conference's long history. No, I'm not asking you to submit that painting you've been lab... » read more

Changes At EDAC

Bob Smith, EDAC's new executive director, talks about what's ahead for the design automation industry, for the Design Automation Conference (DAC), and what needs to be change to keep the conference on the cutting edge. [youtube vid=6_k0dBNEWbA] » read more

Week 52: It’s Show Time

We made it. This is blog No. 52 on our joint journey to DAC. Part of me can’t believe that Monday I will be opening the 52nd Design Automation Conference. It’s been a roller-coaster year of ups and downs, and I know for sure that without my amazing peers on the DAC executive committee, the conference never would have come together. Thank you guys – you have been great to work with. Let’... » read more

Week 51: Who’s Driving To DAC?

It’s come to the point where I’m counting the days to DAC – especially nerve wracking considering how much I still have to do to get ready. Just this morning I spoke with Jeff Massimilla and Craig Smith about their Wednesday morning keynote dialogue on connected cars. Helping pull together #52DAC, which includes loads of excellent content on automotive systems, has driven home (sorry) how... » read more

Week 50: It’s Not Just A Technical Conference, It’s An Ecosystem

While our free “I love DAC” registration comes to an end this week, there are still a few weeks left to register for the full conference, the designer and IP track, or one of the many co-located events at DAC (see below). Over the last year I’ve been reminded often about the unique niche occupied by DAC. Just last week a good friend was trying to find an industry event in the greater EDA ... » read more

Week 49: Are We There Yet?

When I was a little kid my parents would pack me and my sister into the car and drive to the Mediterranean for our summer camping vacation. It was quite a haul from our home on the west side of Germany near the border with Belgium to the south of France, and as is true of any long car trip, the last stretch was the hardest. After hours in the backseat, my sister and I would be craning our necks... » read more

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