It’s a Materials World, With Positive Forecast

By Michael Fury What’s the latest in materials forecasts for ALD/CVD precursors, CMP consumables, electronic gases, silicon wafers and sputtering targets? Techcet gives us an update. Metal Gate and Electrode Precursors to Double in Five Years Use of front-end Ta and W metal gate and Hf gate dielectric precursors will grow over 2.5x by 2020, according to a new report from Techcet, “20... » read more

Fab Capacity Shortages

Planning fab capacity is a little like parachuting out of an airplane. Your chances of getting hurt are 50-50 every time you jump, and past experience doesn't necessarily make it safer the next time. At the leading edge, there is debate about just how much capacity should be added at 16/14nm, or whether the lion's share of that investment should go to 10nm or even 7nm. At least part of the d... » read more

Mighty Japan Endures as Leader

By Christian Gregor Dieseldorff After the devastating natural disaster in March, Japan’s semiconductor industry has once again proven that it can overcome disaster and recover quickly. Japan is home to a large number of semiconductor companies and has the largest share of total installed fab capacity. In addition, fabs in Japan lead in cutting-edge technology such as 24nm and 19nm NAND Fla... » read more