54th DAC Program Finalized

A DAC winter meeting held in sunny Mexico isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. (Although we did enjoy the break from this winter storms!) Everybody thinks the Executive Committee members are lounging on the beach enjoying drinks with little umbrellas in them. That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, I and 15 other EC members spent most of our February meetings in Puerto Vallar... » read more

#54DAC: A New Beginning

I’ve been attending DAC as an exhibitor since 1992, and serving on the executive committee since 2012. I am thrilled to serve as General Chair for the 54th iteration of this grand conference. (And no it’s not too early to think about DAC. The call for contributions is open now.) Through the years I have seen some big industry changes, most driven by the increasingly powerful tools and autom... » read more

Announcing DAC’s First Art Show

Every year DAC features something new. For the general chair, balancing tried and true conference elements with infusions of change is part of the art of putting on DAC and keeping it fresh. This year one change has to do with art itself — #53DAC features what I believe to be the first art show in the conference's long history. No, I'm not asking you to submit that painting you've been lab... » read more

STEM And The IoT

By now, we’ve all heard how the IoT will deeply affect our industry and daily life. Market researchers at Yole Développement predict that In 2024, the IoT device market will represent a $45B business contributing to a total IoT market of $400B. This is going to demand many more engineering brains on the task, which is in direct contrast to something I heard on NPR recently about how some peo... » read more

Week 36: A Trip To Houston

I have to admit it, I am impressed. Actually “impressed” doesn’t really capture it. I’m awed. On Friday we had the DAC Technical Program Committee (TPC) meeting in Houston—147 members of the TPC spent the day discussing the submitted papers. It was quite a scene. All of us were in one large room, with each big table representing one subcommittee. By the end of the day in Houston, the ... » read more

Week 33: Changes To The DAC Show Floor

At this point in my blogging/vlogging career I’m assuming I have an audience of thousands who hang on my every word. But the few of you left (okay, so this is tongue in cheek… I have in fact seen the number of YouTube views!) who have not seen my DAC TV interview with Brian Fuller (below) need to know that we are changing DAC exhibit hours and moving the evening receptions on Monday and Tue... » read more

Week 31: The Content Machine Is Well Oiled And Running

We are running on all cylinders working on the DAC conference program. Next week we have a three-hour conference call to review most of our invited content, as well as panels, tutorials, workshops and collocated events. Early February is the Technical Program Committee Meeting in Houston, where we will finalize the technical conference program. All our TPC members right now are reviewing submit... » read more

Week 30: Recovering From Holiday Travel…

Happy New Year! The good news is that one more weekend looms, maybe a useful window for recovery if your batteries are running low after hustling around during the holidays as I did. Packed roads, busy airports, standing in line, being impatient, getting angry… I admit wondering, as my seasonal spirit waned, why we all do this to ourselves? My destination was Germany, so I could spend Christm... » read more

Taming The PDK Beast At DAC

A quick Web search on the phrase “process design kit” reveals about 48 million matches. This happens to be about 10 times larger than for the current pop dance sensation “twerking,” so I guess that’s at least something to brag about. Yet if we now add the word interoperability to our PDK search, we find only 200K matches, or less than 0.5% — and therein exposes the chronic problem w... » read more

Getting In the Ballpark

I admit it; I still have DAC on the brain. Even though attendance may not have been what the exhibitors would have liked to see, the conference is always a fantastic place to discuss ideas and pick up on trends. One topic I discussed with a number of folks are the challenges associated with design today, from the power-performance balance, 3D stacking to new process nodes and complexity, to nam... » read more