Re-Coloring ECO Changes With Calibre Multi-Patterning

Engineering change orders (ECOs) can wreak havoc on multi-patterning (MP) coloring (and time to market) if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Design teams working on MP designs need a complete ECO enablement solution, before recoloring issues consume resources and destroy schedules. The Calibre Multi-Patterning tool provides smart, automated support for recoloring designs after ECO impleme... » read more

More Than Moore

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the value of feature shrinks and what comes next with Steve Eplett, design technology and automation manager at Open-Silicon; Patrick Soheili, vice president and general manager of IP Solutions at eSilicon; Brandon Wang, engineering group director at Cadence; John Ferguson, product manager for DRC applications at Mentor Graphics; and Kevin Kranen, d... » read more

Find EDA Tools For A Faster Timing Closure With ECO And Clock Path ECO

This paper describes and compares the current EDA tools for STA, timing closure and timing ECO. In-depth studies on ETS, PrimeTime & Dorado let us understand the can/cannot of the tools. To read more, click here. » read more

The Week In Review: June 21

By Ed Sperling Mentor Graphics rolled out emulation-ready verification IP for MIPI camera and display-based protocols. The VIP enables stimuli generated by UVM and SystemC-based environments and applies them to a design under test (DUT) running in the emulator. Synopsys introduced a tool for implementing and verifying functional engineering change orders, including matching, visualization ... » read more

Engineering Change Orders Revisited

By Ed Sperling The perennial nightmare of the marketing head reporting that a customer will buy a design—but only if it fits into a specific power envelope or has better performance or I/O—is all too familiar to engineering teams. In theory, using more third-party IP should help alleviate this problem because the IP can be changed out relatively easily. The reality, though, is that it... » read more