A Methodology for Automatic eFPGA redaction


New academic paper titled “ALICE: An Automatic Design Flow for eFPGA Redaction” from researchers at Politecnico di Milano, New York University, University of Calgary, and the University of Utah.

“Fabricating an integrated circuit is becoming unaffordable for many semiconductor design houses. Outsourcing the fabrication to a third-party foundry requires methods to protect the intellectual property of the hardware designs. Designers can rely on embedded reconfigurable devices to completely hide the real functionality of selected design portions unless the configuration string (bitstream) is provided. However, selecting such portions and creating the corresponding reconfigurable fabrics are still open problems. We propose ALICE, a design flow that addresses the EDA challenges of this problem. ALICE partitions the RTL modules between one or more reconfigurable fabrics and the rest of the circuit, automating the generation of the corresponding redacted design.”

Find the technical paper here. 2022.

arXiv:2205.07425v1: Chiara Muscari Tomajoli, Luca Collini, Jitendra Bhandari, Abdul Khader Thalakkattu Moosa, Benjamin Tan, Xifan Tang, Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, Ramesh Karri, Christian Pilato

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