Collaborative IC Design Mandates Integrated Data Management

Why Mentor is collaborating with ClioSoft.


Due to complexity and multi-domain expertise, custom IC design typically requires a team to successfully design and verify the project. Often, specific blocks are assigned to team members based on analog, digital, MEMS, RF expertise, across multiple geographies, and separate verification team members focus on block and system validation. This means that unstructured design files with multiple copies and versions, along with associated verification results, cannot remain unmanaged if the team wants to avoid mistakes and meet schedules. Custom IC design requires integrated data management.

Recognizing the critical value of data management, Tanner EDA teamed with ClioSoft to interface their SOS7 data management solution with the Tanner custom IC design flow, to ensure that all IC team members collaborate within a managed design data environment. This whitepaper explores the value of SOS7 and its role in the Tanner IC design flow.

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