Effect of Different Frequency Scaling Levels on Memory in Regard to Total Power Consumption in Mobile MPSoC


New technical paper titled “CPU-GPU-Memory DVFS for Power-Efficient MPSoC in Mobile Cyber Physical Systems” from researchers at University of Essex, Nosh Technologies, and University of Southampton.

“Most modern mobile cyber-physical systems such as smartphones come equipped with multi-processor systems-on-chip (MPSoCs) with variant computing capacity both to cater to performance requirements and reduce power consumption when executing an application. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) on CPU, GPU and RAM in a mobile MPSoC, which caters to the performance requirements of the executing application while consuming low power. We evaluate our methodology on a real hardware platform, Odroid XU4, and the experimental results prove the approach to be 26% more power-efficient and 21% more thermal-efficient compared to the state-of-the-art system.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published March 2022.

Dey, S.; Isuwa, S.; Saha, S.; Singh, A.K.; McDonald-Maier, K. CPU-GPU-Memory DVFS for Power-Efficient MPSoC in Mobile Cyber Physical Systems. Future Internet 2022, 14, 91. https://doi.org/10.3390/fi14030091

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