Revolution By Evolution: Getting To The Next Technology Breakthrough In Analog Simulation

Updated Spectre circuit simulator addresses the need for simulating the next generation of analog, mixed-signal and custom IC designs.


Recent technology developments, advanced-node adoptions, and Moore than Moore designs have forced analog and custom IC designers to adopt new design practices that benefit from these advancements. These changes have resulted in the need to simulate larger designs with more post-layout parasitics. In addition, many custom IC designs such as flash memory, MRAM, sensor arrays, etc., now require SPICE-accurate simulations. To meet these demands, a new SPICE engine with much more performance and capacity than the current generation of circuit simulators is needed. The Cadence® Spectre® X Simulator, the next generation of the Spectre circuit simulator, has been developed to address the need for simulating the next generation of analog, mixed-signal, and custom IC designs.

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