Temporary Bonding: Enabling the Next Generation of Ultrathin Wafers

Innovative materials are critical for maintaining integrity during advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. Temporary bonding is being enabled by these new materials and is making a name for itself in the next generation of ultrathin wafer manufacturing. Semiconductor wafers are being forced to become thinner as the push to shrink feature sizes and introduce full-scale 3D integration ... » read more

It’s a Materials World, With Positive Forecast

By Michael Fury What’s the latest in materials forecasts for ALD/CVD precursors, CMP consumables, electronic gases, silicon wafers and sputtering targets? Techcet gives us an update. Metal Gate and Electrode Precursors to Double in Five Years Use of front-end Ta and W metal gate and Hf gate dielectric precursors will grow over 2.5x by 2020, according to a new report from Techcet, “20... » read more

3D Integration

By Katherine Derbyshire It’s a central problem of integrated circuit scaling. While transistor delay goes down along with channel length, interconnect delay goes up. The 90 nm technology node featured a transistor delay of about 1.6 ps, while a 1 mm long interconnect wire added about 5x102 ps. For the 22 nm node, the ITRS estimates transistor delay at 0.4 ps, but interconnect delay at abou... » read more