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Bosch, TSI deal done; U.S. grants 1-year IC reprieve to So. Korea, Taiwan for China; rising analog IC market; IC for mRNA vaccines; Onto; Brewer Science; Nordson.


Bosch completed its acquisition of TSI Semiconductors to expand its SiC chips business, reports Reuters. In April, Bosch announced plans to invest $1.5 billion in the Roseville, California, foundry to convert TSI’s manufacturing facilities into state-of-the-art processes, with the first SiC chips due out in 2026. Bosch CEO Stefan Hartung said the full expansion “depends on the support of the U.S. government, or the regional government, or the California government.”

The U.S. Commerce Department is extending its one-year exemption for South Korean and Taiwanese chipmakers to ship advanced semiconductor equipment to China in an effort to ease tensions over semiconductor trade policy, reports Nikkei Asia. The waiver allows Samsung, SK Hynix, and TSMC to continue engaging in similar activities to those in place prior to the restrictions announced last year.

The analog chip market is expected to grow from $95.5 billion this year to $151.1 billion in 2032, with a CAGR of 5.6%, according to a new report from Market Research Future. Market growth will be driven by the proliferation of smartphones, feature phones, and tablets, as well as developments in technology for consumer electronics.

DRAM and NAND flash bit demand is expected to increase by 13% and 16%, respectively, in 2024. Suppliers continue to scale back production in an effort to reduce inventories and restore a supply-demand balance to stabilize prices, according to a new report from TrendForce.

The need to share data is widening in the semiconductor manufacturing community, but challenges in determining which data is relevant, security, and process remain. A panel of four experts from the industry discussed the issues at DAC.

Products and Technology

Onto Innovation is finalizing more than $100 million in orders for its Dragonfly G3 inspection and metrology system, which is used to support heterogenous integrated packages that combine AI GPUs and high-bandwidth memories in a single package. The optical systems measure the depth of through-silicon vias and height of redistribution layers using a thickness and shape sensor, while IR technology detects 2D defects and edge cracks that can impact device reliability.

Brewer Science will showcase new developments in temporary and permanent bonding material technologies for advanced packaging this week at the Advanced Packaging Summit (Sept. 5), which precedes SEMICON Taiwan (Sept. 6-8).

Nordson Test & Measurement will showcase its state-of-the-art inspection and metrology solutions at SEMICON Taiwan, including the CyberOptics SQ3000+ Multi-Function system, the new Quadra 7 Pro Manual X-ray Inspection (MXI) System, and its WaferSense Auto Teaching System (ATS2).


Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania developed a microchip-based method for the production of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. The silicon scalable lipid nanoparticle generation platform (SCALAR) is a reusable silicon- and glass-based platform that precisely controls lipids and mRNA to generate lipid nanoparticles in the same manner that microchips transport electrical signals via transistor channels.

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