What’s At Stake In System Design?

Power and signal integrity, electromagnetic analysis, RF/microwave design, and thermal analysis are key to system design.


What You Will Gain From This eBook:

Power and Signal Integrity

  • Insights into harmonic balancing and crosstalk analysis
  • Learning about loop gain and transmission rates
  • Examining the necessity of power-aware systems

Electromagnetic Analysis

  • Knowledge about the state of electromagnetics in wireless networks
  • Insight into RADAR and LiDAR EM profiles
  • Tips for bending, meshing, and modeling EM behaviors

RF/Microwave Design

  • An understanding of the state of communications technologies
  • Insight into 5G and mmWave designs
  • Acquiring access to a host of design insights on filters, sensors, and antenna

Thermal Analysis

  • An examination of steady-state and transient temperature profiles
  • Knowledge about electrical-thermal power efficiency
  • A breadth of advice on resolving heat transfer challenges

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