IC Industry Waking Up To Security

By Jeff Dorsch & Ed Sperling Many people pay lip service to the concept of security in Internet of Things devices, software, and networks. That oversight is beginning to fade away, however, as companies begin digging into one of the broadest and most complex problems in the IoT age. Unlike other technology issues, which have been solved in increments, security is all-inclusive. While ... » read more

Use IoT Security Concerns To Your Benefit

Did you know data scientists can now link Instagram posts and other meta-data to credit card purchases? Indeed, MIT researchers said recently that just four fairly vague pieces of information — the dates and locations of four purchases — are enough to identify 90 percent of the people in a data set recording three months of credit-card transactions by 1.1 million users. They stresse... » read more

Blog Review: Feb. 4

After the Super Bowl, Ansys' Thierry Marchal looks at making football safer through virtual prototyping. Sports concussions are a serious danger for athletes from youths to professionals, and modeling head and brain impacts may lead not only to safer football helmets but a better understanding of how to lower the chance of brain injuries in sports. Synopsys' Ray Varghese continues his series... » read more

System Bits: April 15

Making game play more engaging Engineers at Stanford University have developed what could be the next big thing in interactive gaming: handheld game controllers that measure the player's physiology and alter the game play to make it more engaging. The prototype controller was born from research conducted in the lab of Gregory Kovacs, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford, in collab... » read more