FEOL Nanosheet Process Flow & Challenges Requiring Metrology Solutions (IBM Watson)


New technical paper titled “Review of nanosheet metrology opportunities for technology readiness,” from researchers at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Ctr. (United States).

Abstract (partial):
“More than previous technologies, then, nanosheet technology may be when some offline techniques transition from the lab to the fab, as certain critical measurements need to be monitored in real time. Thanks to the computing revolution the semiconductor industry enabled, machine learning has begun to permeate in-line disposition, and hybrid metrology systems continue to advance. Of course, metrology solutions and methodologies developed for prior technologies will also still have a large role in the characterization of these structures, as effects such as line edge roughness, pitch walk, and defectivity continue to be managed. We review related prior studies and advocate for future metrology development that ensures nanosheet technology has the in-line data necessary for success.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published April 2022.

Mary A. Breton, Daniel Schmidt, Andrew Greene, Julien Frougier, Nelson Felix, “Review of nanosheet metrology opportunities for technology readiness,” J. Micro/Nanopattern. Mats. Metro. 21(2) 021206 (18 April 2022) https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMM.21.2.021206.

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