Design, Test & Repair Methodology For FinFET-Based Memories

Like any IP block, memories need to be tested. But unlike many other IP blocks, memory test is not as simple as pass/fail. The advent of FinFET-based memories presents new memory test challenges. This white paper covers: The new design complexities, defect coverage and yield challenges presented by FinFET-based memories. How to synthesize test algorithms for detection and diagnosis of Fin... » read more

How Semiconductor IP Became Critical To SoC Design

By Mark Templeton In 1991, I had the good fortune to be a member of the founding team of Artisan Components. We started the company believing that demand was about to appear for semiconductor intellectual property. We had a few data points. We knew that before a company could start a new chip project, they first had to design and verify all kinds of generic building blocks – things like ... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Dec. 3

Animal robots invade London The London Science Museum will premiere U-CAT, an underwater robot turtle designed to penetrate shipwrecks. In the exhibit, the museum will also showcase several robots that resemble an eel, bat, cheetah cub, tumbleweed, tuna, salamander and other creatures. Meanwhile, built by the Centre for Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology, U-CAT’s locomotio... » read more