Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: June 27

Fault-tolerant RISC-V; cooperative collision avoidance; aging model parameters; all-silicon quantum light source; field-free switching solution; hardware trojans; superconducting diode effect; devices and sensors for all-electric aircraft.


New technical papers added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library this week.

Technical Paper Research Organizations
Cooperative Collision Avoidance in a Connected Vehicle Environment Ohio State University
Enhancing Fault Awareness and Reliability of a Fault-Tolerant RISC-V System-on-Chip University of Montpellier and University of Vale do Itajaí
Leveraging Public Information to Fit a Compact Hot Carrier Injection Model to a Target Technology University of Victoria
All-silicon quantum light source by embedding an atomic emissive center in a nanophotonic cavity University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Field-Free Spin-Orbit Torque Driven Switching of Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junction through Bending Current KU Leuven, ETH Zurich, and IMEC
Hardware Trojans in Power Conversion Circuits UC Davis
Gate-tunable superconducting diode effect in a three-terminal Josephson device University of Minnesota, University of California Santa Barbara, and Stanford University
Characterizing semiconductor devices for all-electric aircraft University of Strathclyde (Glasgow) and Airbus UpNext


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