Power Semiconductor Devices: Thermal Management and Packaging


A technical paper titled “Thermal management and packaging of wide and ultra-wide bandgap power devices: a review and perspective” was published by researchers at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and Univ Lyon, CNRS.

“This paper provides a timely review of the thermal management of WBG and UWBG power devices with an emphasis on packaged devices. Additionally, emerging UWBG devices hold good promise for high-temperature applications due to their low intrinsic carrier density and increased dopant ionization at elevated temperatures. The fulfillment of this promise in system applications, in conjunction with overcoming the thermal limitations of some UWBG materials, requires new thermal management and packaging technologies. To this end, we provide perspectives on the relevant challenges, potential solutions and research opportunities, highlighting the pressing needs for device–package electrothermal co-design and high-temperature packages that can withstand the high electric fields expected in UWBG devices,” states the paper.

Find the technical paper here. Published 2023.

Qin, Yuan, Benjamin Albano, Joseph Spencer, James Spencer Lundh, Boyan Wang, Cyril Buttay, Marko J. Tadjer, Christina DiMarino, and Yuhao Zhang. “Thermal management and packaging of wide and ultra‐wide bandgap power devices: a review and perspective.” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2023).

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