Technical Paper Round-Up: March 29

New academic papers include SoC security verification, quantum memristor, batteries, Bell state analyzer; SLAM; 2D materials & more.


Improving batteries, ultra low-power photonic edge computing, SLAM, Tellurium for 2D semiconductors, and reservoir computing top the past week’s technical papers. The focus on energy is critical as the edge buildout continues and more devices are connected to a battery, while research into new architectures and materials that will continue scaling and improve performance per watt continue at the leading edge of chip development.

Papers are being written from across the global supply chain, with new studies from Oak Ridge National Lab, Argonne National Lab, MIT, Tsinghua University, the University of Of Glasgow, Purdue University, the University of Florida, and others.

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Technical Paper Research Organizations
Fuzz, Penetration, And AI Testing For SoC Security Verification: Challenges And Solutions University Of Florida
Experimental Photonic Quantum Memristor University of Vienna; Politecnico di Milano; IFN-CNR
SolidPAC Is An Interactive Battery-On-Demand Energy Density Estimator For Solid-State Batteries Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)
Wavelength Multiplexed Ultralow-Power Photonic Edge Computing MIT & others
Bell State Analyzer For Spectrally Distinct Photons Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL); Purdue University & others
OverlapNet: Loop Closing For LiDAR-Based SLAM University of Bonn, Fraunhofer FKIE, and Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH
The Resurrection Of Tellurium As An Elemental Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Purdue University
Native Lattice Strain Induced Structural Earthquake In Sodium Layered Oxide Cathodes (Batteries) Argonne National Laboratory
Rotating Neurons For All-Analog Implementation Of Cyclic Reservoir Computing University of Glasgow & Tsinghua University
Flat-Surface-Assisted And Self-Regulated Oxidation Resistance Of Cu(111) Pusan National University, Mississippi State University, Sungkyunkwan University, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, University of Ulsan

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