The leading edge of the chip market increasingly is divided over whether to move to finFETs or whether to stay at 28nm using different materials and potentially even advanced packaging. Decisions about which approach to take frequently boil down to performance, power, form factor, cost, and the maturity of the individual technologies. All of those can vary by market, by vendor and by process... » read more

FinFET Rollout Slower Than Expected

The foundry business is heating up as some new and large players are entering the 16nm/14nm [getkc id="185" kc_name="finFET"] market. But foundry customers are taking longer than expected to migrate to finFETs amid some technical and cost issues. On the foundry front, [getentity id="22846" comment="Intel"] has been the sole player in finFETs for some time. But now, [getentity id="22865" ... » read more