Week In Review: Auto, Security, Pervasive Computing

ADAS data collection kits; Bosch adopts Arteris IP NoC; smart home trends.


Bosch licensed Arteris IP’s FlexNoC interconnect products for Bosch’s automotive chips. “Arteris IP provides the easiest and fastest means to assemble the complex chips we require while allowing us to implement innovative functional safety mechanisms within our designs,” said Oliver Wolst, senior vice president integrated circuits at Bosch.

Mentor, a Siemens business, introduced a vehicle cockpit system called VCO2S (Vehicle Cockpit Consolidation Solutions).

Siemens Digital Industries announced software for data collection in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Siemens added SCAPTOR to its Simcenter, which is engineering development software that has system simulation, 3D CAE, test simulations, and data analytics. The SCAPTOR addition will enable closed-loop development of autonomous vehicles, according to a press release, using hardware and software to record, visualize, and replay high-fidelity raw data.

Texas Instruments’ Jacinto processor families for automotive applications includes Imagination’s BXS GPU, a new GPU with safety features that can help developers achieve ISO 26262. The GPU has a multi-core architecture that incorporates new features and safety mechanisms, such as Tile Region Protection (TRP). TRP is Imagination’s patented tile-based rendering system that prioritizes processing designated safety-critical tiles and processes them twice, comparing the output and raising fault signals if they don’t match.

The 2020 global automotive semiconductor revenue exceed expectations, “due to an increase in the average semiconductor value per car sold this year,” according to new analysis by IHS Markit.

Pervasive computing — Data centers, cloud, 5G, edge, IoT
For smart home / building IoT, sensors can be connected between buildings using one base station equipped with LoPAN technology from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

Look for these six trends to push smart-home market forward, says ABI Research. The sentient home — a smart home using AI to adjust in real time; the cooperative home — the home that is networked with a city and can cooperate among other homes; home as a business — more people are working from home; lifestyle home — smart homes that can adjust spaces for multiple uses; low impact home — homes that can adjust resource usage; and the marketplace home — how smart home will handle home deliveries and services.

Beijing-based NeuLinker will use Codasip’s Bk5 RISC-V-based core and the Codasip Studio customization toolset for their AI and security-powering solutions.

Renesas RH850 automotive microcontrollers development tools, which are functional-safety certified, recently added more security from IAR System, specifically support for position-independent code.

Aldec has added hardware-assisted RTL simulation acceleration to its HES DVM product for Microchip FPGAs, including Polarfire, SmartFusion2 and RTSX/RTAX FPGA designs using Aldec’s HES-MPF500-M2S150 prototyping board. The FPGAs are used in communications and military/aerospace systems.

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