Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: April 30

Single-molecule transistor using quantum interference; power + arithmetic optimization; general-purpose photonic RF processor; tunable stochastic memristors; quantum computing for EDA optimization; imaging of coupled film-substrate elastodynamics during IMT transition; safe in-memory.


These new technical papers were recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library.

Technical Paper Research Organizations
Quantum interference enhances the performance of single-molecule transistors Queen Mary University of London, University of Oxford, Lancaster University, and University of Waterloo
Combining Power and Arithmetic Optimization via Datapath Rewriting Intel Corporation and Imperial College London
General-purpose programmable photonic processor for advanced radiofrequency applications Universitat Politècnica de València and iPronics
Tunable stochastic memristors for energy-efficient encryption and computing Seoul National University, Sandia National Laboratories, Texas A&M University and Applied Materials
QCEDA: Using Quantum Computers for EDA Fraunhofer IESE, RPTU Kaiserslautern, DLR (Germany), and OTH Regensburg
In-Operando Spatiotemporal Imaging of Coupled Film-Substrate Elastodynamics During an Insulator-to-Metal Transition Pennsylvania State University, Cornell University, Argonne National Lab, Georgia Tech and Forschungsverbund Berlin
Error Detection and Correction Codes for Safe In-Memory Computations Robert Bosch, Forschungszentrum Julich, and Newcastle University

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