Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: Mar. 28

GAA FETs; thermal simulation in 3D-IC; zero trust environments; silicon photonics MEMS; semi-metals for interconnects; logic locking at the RTL; mechanical overtone frequency combs; photonics: GaSb/SiN tunable hybrid integrated laser; domain wall-magnetic tunnel junction analog content addressable memory.


New technical papers recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library:

Technical Paper Research Organizations
ReTrustFSM: Toward RTL Hardware Obfuscation-A Hybrid FSM Approach University of Florida
Photonics: GaSb/SiN Tunable Hybrid Integrated Laser Tampere University
Exploring Topological Semi-Metals for Interconnects Penn State, IBM, and Rice University, with funding by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)
DeepOHeat: Operator Learning-based Ultra-fast Thermal Simulation in 3D-IC Design UCSB and Cadence
A Review of the Gate-All-Around Nanosheet FET Process Opportunities IBM Research Albany
Integrated silicon photonic MEMS EPFL, University of Sydney, CSEM, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Ghent University, Imec, and Tyndall National Institute
Mechanical overtone frequency combs Delft University of Technology, Ahmedabad University and NIST
Towards Hardware-Based Application Fingerprinting with Microarchitectural Signals for Zero Trust Environments Air Force Institute of Technology
Domain Wall-Magnetic Tunnel Junction Analog Content Addressable Memory Using Current and Projected Data UT Austin and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)

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