Growing Challenges With Wafer Bump Inspection

Co-planarity, variation and data collection emerge as top issues.


As advanced packaging goes mainstream, ensuring that wafer bumps are consistent has emerged as a critical concern for foundries and OSATs. John Hoffman, computer vision engineering manager at CyberOptics, talks about the shift toward middle-of-line and how that is affecting inspection and metrology, why there is so much concern over co-planarity and alignment, how variation can add up and create reliability and yield issues, how much inspection is considered sufficient, and how the data collected from inspection is used.


Yasunori Yamaguchi says:

Thank you for very good video discussion.I was agree that problem and inspection technology growing,
100% bump inspection must need future any bump device especially assembly into FAN OUT device.
I think even WLCSP with bump needs 100% bump inspection. but actually OSAT does not check any WLCSP with bump 100% checking. OSAT works only 2D checking for WLCSP. WLCSP also mount into FAN OUT now. I beleive that high speed 3D bump inspection necessary with Die Sorter.

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