The Next Big Threat: AI Malware

It’s an understatement to say that today’s cyber adversaries and cyber threats are reaching unparalleled levels of sophistication. Malevolent entries and their creators have, and will continue to, devise über-complex malware that will seem to take on an intelligence of its own. In fact, artificially intelligent malware is coming to a system near you. The ability of threats to morph, on ... » read more

M2M And The Internet Of Things

Securing the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/E) is a bit like herding cats. There are so many elements that will make up the IoT/E, it may seem an insurmountable objective to corral them all into a single stable. By some accounts, we’re on our way toward 200 billion Internet-connected machines by 2020, according to IDC. Soon we will live in a world where automated machine-to-machine (M2M) ... » read more

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