Power Usage Shift Leads To Methodology Shift

Veloce offers a unique and customized flow for SoC power exploration and analysis. Veloce Power Application is enabling a methodology shift in the way power measurements are done to address the new requirements due to usage shift. Chip designers do not need to rely on functional test benches and extrapolation techniques to come up with power number. The new flow enables booting OS, running live... » read more

Rethinking Power

Power typically has been the last factor to be considered in the PPA equation, and it usually was somebody else's problem. Increasingly it's everyone's problem, and EDA companies are beginning to look at power differently than in the past. While the driving forces vary by market and by process node, the need to save energy at every node and in almost all designs is pervasive. In the server m... » read more

The Power Game

By Ann Steffora Mutschler Semiconductor engineering teams always have focused on stepping up performance in new designs, but in the mobile, GPU and tablet markets they’re finding that maintaining the balance between higher performance and the same or lower power is increasingly onerous. The reason: Extreme gaming applications can create scenario files that cause dynamic power consumpt... » read more