Week in Review: Manufacturing, Test

DRAM/NAND Flash; Semi materials forecast; R&D spending; 11 financial releases; AMD and Advantest roll out new products; ProteanTecs gets additional $45 million in funding.


Industry Numbers
NAND flash memory is forecast to hit US $83 billion this year, an increase of 24%. DRAM is projected to hit $118 billion, up 25%, according to a recent Yole report. Both are historic records. DRAM and NAND revenues are expected to be a $260 billion market in 2027 (combined), with advanced technologies such as EUV lithography, hybrid bonding and 3D DRAM driving this.

SEMI increased its 2022 forecast for total semiconductor materials to 7% growth, citing “both wafer fab and packaging materials are contributing to the market expansion. Wafer fab materials are on track to grow 8.4% while packaging materials are set to expand 3.9% in 2022.”

Global R&D spending is expected to grow 9% in 2022 to $80.5 billion, according to this latest IC Insights update. “Total R&D spending by semiconductor companies is expected to rise by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% between 2022 and 2026 to $108.6 billion,” according to the report.

Financials & Funding
Solid earnings reports highlighted the week for the chip industry.

This Week’s Financial Releases

Company Period Reported Revenue Year-over-Year %
Infineon Technologies Second quarter €3.298 billion +22%
GlobalFoundries First quarter $1.94 billion +37%
PDF Solutions First quarter $33.5 million +38%
SMIC First quarter $1,841.9 million +66.9%
Entegris First quarter $649.6 million +27%
CMC Materials Second quarter $324.1 million +11.6%
Allegro MicroSystems Fourth quarter $200.3 million (sales) +14%
Veeco First quarter $156.4 million +17%
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Third quarter $203.2 million +20.1%
Microchip Technology Fourth quarter $1.844 billion (sales) +25.7%
Navitas Semiconductor First quarter $6.7 million +27%

ProteanTecs received a $45 million funding round from Addition, bringing total company funding close to $200 million.

Lam Research announced a $5 billion share repurchase was authorized by its board of directors.

Products & People

AMD announced three additional Radeon RX series graphic cards, offering faster game clocks, GDDR6 memory and enhanced software and firmware.

Bruker and TOFWERK AG are partnering to further the commercialization of the high-speed, ultra-sensitive applied and industrial analytical solutions, in conjunction with a Bruker minority investment in TOFWERK. TOFWERK’s instruments are used for the airborne molecular contamination (AMC) monitoring in the semiconductor industry in addition to other applications.

Advantest introduced its DUT Scale Duo interface for the V93000 EXA Scale SoC test systems. The new technology increases the usable space on DUT boards and probe cards by 50% or more, and final-test set ups can accommodate component heights that are more than three times taller.

Promex Industries, parent of QP Technologies, hired industry veteran Chip Greely as its new vice president of engineering.

Going Greener
Infineon switched its “Fab25” Austin factory to 100% renewable power, with a goal of moving all U.S. sites to green power by end of this year. All facilities in Europe were moved to green power in 2021.

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