It’s a Materials World, With Positive Forecast

By Michael Fury What’s the latest in materials forecasts for ALD/CVD precursors, CMP consumables, electronic gases, silicon wafers and sputtering targets? Techcet gives us an update. Metal Gate and Electrode Precursors to Double in Five Years Use of front-end Ta and W metal gate and Hf gate dielectric precursors will grow over 2.5x by 2020, according to a new report from Techcet, “20... » read more

3D Integration

By Katherine Derbyshire It’s a central problem of integrated circuit scaling. While transistor delay goes down along with channel length, interconnect delay goes up. The 90 nm technology node featured a transistor delay of about 1.6 ps, while a 1 mm long interconnect wire added about 5x102 ps. For the 22 nm node, the ITRS estimates transistor delay at 0.4 ps, but interconnect delay at abou... » read more