Chip Industry’s Technical Paper Roundup: July 5

Resistive switching memory; verification/testing self-driving cars; leveraging LLMs for SW-HW co-design; quantum computing in pre-fault tolerant era; quantum sensors; selective deposition processes; neuromorphic platforms; 2D device at cryogenic temperatures; highly integrated stretchable electronics.


New technical papers recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library:

Technical Paper Research Organizations
Thin-film design of amorphous hafnium oxide nanocomposites enabling strong interfacial resistive switching uniformity University of Cambridge, Linköping University, Purdue University, University College London, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and University at Buffalo
Slow Down, Move Over: A Case Study in Formal Verification, Refinement, and Testing of the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety Model for Self-Driving Cars Carnegie Mellon University
On the Viability of using LLMs for SW/HW Co-Design: An Example in Designing CiM DNN Accelerators University of Notre Dame
Evidence for the utility of quantum computing before fault tolerance IBM Quantum, University of California Berkeley, RIKEN, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Integrated quantum optical phase sensor in thin film lithium niobate Stanford University and NTT Research
Quantified Uniformity and Selectivity of TiO2 Films in 45-nm Half Pitch Patterns Using Area-Selective Deposition Supercycles IMEC, North Carolina State University, and KU Leuven
Long Duration Persistent Photocurrent in 3 nm Thin Doped Indium Oxide for Integrated Light Sensing and In-Sensor Neuromorphic Computation RMIT University and Deakin University (Australia)
I-V-T Characteristics and Temperature Sensor Performance of a Fully-2D WSe2/MoS2 Heterojunction Diode at Cryogenic Temperatures Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research, and National Institute for Materials Science
Scalable electrodeposition of liquid metal from an acetonitrile-based electrolyte for highly-integrated stretchable electronics KU Leuven

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