Technical Paper Roundup: November 21

Neuromorphic nanowire networks; EUV lithography; memristive devices for in-memory computing; silicon vacancies in 4H SiC; HIL to bridge VP/RTL design gap; verification using near-field EM analysis; mapping surface charge dynamics; Intel’s LLM inference on CPUs.


New technical papers recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library:

Technical Paper Research Organizations
Online dynamical learning and sequence memory with neuromorphic nanowire networks University of Sydney, UCLA, NIMS, Kyutech, and University of Sydney Nano Institute
Vapor-Phase Infiltrated Organic–Inorganic Positive-Tone Hybrid Photoresist for Extreme UV Lithography Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and University of Texas at Dallas
Exploiting the State Dependency of Conductance Variations in Memristive Devices for Accurate In-Memory Computing IBM Research
Virtual-Peripheral-in-the-Loop : A Hardware-in-the-Loop Strategy to Bridge the VP/RTL Design-Gap University of Bremen and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Spin-acoustic control of silicon vacancies in 4H silicon carbide Harvard University and Purdue University
Contact-Less Integrity Verification of Microelectronics Using Near-Field EM Analysis University of Florida and Brookhaven National Laboratory
Efficient LLM Inference on CPUs Intel
High-speed mapping of surface charge dynamics using sparse scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy ORNL, Sungkyunkwan University, Case Western Reserve University, Flinders University, Bedford Park, and UNSW Sydney

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