Technical Paper Round-Up: July 26

Split gate transistors; EdgeAI HW for XR; microfluidic cooling; secure physical design; new semiconductor material; Rowhammer; PCB inspection; neural networks; thin film stress


New technical papers added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library this week.

Technical Paper Research Organizations
Integrated Silicon Microfluidic Cooling of a High-Power Overclocked CPU for Efficient Thermal Management Georgia Tech and Microsoft
High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide MIT, University of Houston, UT Austin and others
Interfacial Delamination at Multilayer Thin Films in Semiconductor Devices MIT, Yonsei University
Secure Physical Design FICS Research Institute (University of Florida)
Longitudinal and latitudinal split-gate field-effect transistors for NAND and NOR logic circuit applications Inha University (South Korea) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul
Memory-Oriented Design-Space Exploration of Edge-AI Hardware for XR Applications Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and Reality Labs Research, Meta
Understanding RowHammer Under Reduced Wordline Voltage: An Experimental Study Using Real DRAM Devices ETH Zurich
FICS PCB X-ray: A dataset for automated printed circuit board inter-layers inspection Florida Institute for Cybersecurity (FICS) at the University of Florida
EVE: Environmental Adaptive Neural Network Models for Low-Power Energy Harvesting System UT San Antonio, University of Connecticut, and Lehigh University
End-to-end deep learning framework for printed circuit board manufacturing defect classification École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montreal, Quebec

Semiconductor Engineering is in the process of building this library of research papers. Please send suggestions (via comments section below) for what else you’d like us to incorporate. If you have research papers you are trying to promote, we will review them to see if they are a good fit for our global audience. At a minimum, papers need to be well researched and documented, relevant to the semiconductor ecosystem, and free of marketing bias. There is no cost involved for us posting links to papers.

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