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CAN bus

Automotive bus developed by Bosch


Controller Area Network (CAN) is an automotive bus designed by Robert Bosch GmbH and released in 1986. The spec was updated in 1991 and this was further standardized by the International Organization of Standards (ISO) in 1993 and released as ISO 11898. Several sections of the standard exist: ISO 11898-1 covers the data link layer; ISO 11898-2 covers the physical layer for high-speed CAN; ISO 11898-3 covers the physical layer for low-speed, fault-tolerant CAN; ISO 11898-4 for time triggered communications; ISO 11898-5 covers high-speed medium access unit with low-power mode; ISO 11898-6 covers high-speed medium access unit with selective wake-up functionality.
Bosch continues to develop the standard and released a flexible data-rate version of CAN in 2012 (CAN FD).

CAN is a multi-master serial bus consisting of 2 wires. It employs a lossless bit-wise arbitration method for contention resolution of data transmission.