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IEEE 1532- in-system programmability (ISP)

Extension to 1149.1 for complex device programming


This standard is an extension of IEEE 1149.1 standardizes programming access and methodology for programmable integrated circuit devices. While the original JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) could perform this function, it became more complicated over time because of emerging languages and device configurations. The standard enables designers to concurrently program multiple devices, minimize programming times with enhanced silicon features, and produce robust systems that are more easily maintained. It is a hardware standard that defines the actual in-system programmability algorithm for each device
Devices that implement this standard may be configured (written), read back, erased and verified, singly or concurrently, with a standardized set of resources based upon the algorithm description contained in the 1532 BSDL file.

First approved in 2001 and a second version in 2002 currently shows as having been withdrawn.