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China is one of the world’s largest consumers of semiconductors, but the majority of those chips currently are imported from foreign suppliers.

In an effort to close that trade gap, the Chinese government has announced a number of efforts in memory, logic, IC design and packaging, including the construction of a number of domestic fabs.

In 2012, China consumed $82 billion, or 32%, of the world’s chips, according to IC Insights. But IC production in China was $8.8 billion in 2012, which represented only 10.8% of the world’s production of semiconductors, according to IC Insights. China imported about 90% of its chips.

Seeking to reverse those trends, the Chinese government unveiled a new plan in 2014, dubbed the “National Guideline for Development of the IC Industry.” The plan was designed to accelerate China’s efforts in 14nm finFETs, advanced packaging and memory.

China also created a $19.3 billion fund, which would be used to invest in its domestic IC firms. Local municipalities and private equity firms also pledged to spend $100 billion across China’s IC sector.