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Multi-Beam e-Beam Lithography

An advanced form of e-beam lithography


Multi-beam e-beam lithography is an advanced form of e-beam, maskless or direct-write lithography. Instead of a single-beam e-beam, multi-beam e-beam makes use of multiple beams within a single tool. The idea is to boost the throughputs in direct-write lithography applications. It is also attractive because it enables fine resolutions without the need of a photomask.

Multi-beam e-beam technology is also used for mask writing, where it is much faster than single-beam e-beam. Multi-beam write times are independent of shot count and take about 10 hours for any type of mask. While not ideal for less complex masks, it is useful for EUV and some optical masks. Challenges still lie in the areas of position accuracy, CD control and data processing.


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